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Your yeswehunt Team

Arnout Vandevyvere
Director 'more' | Belgium

Born in 1974, Arnout Vandevyvere developed a love of hunting from his family at an early age. After graduating as a Civil Engineer, he embarked as an entrepreneur on several profitable and successful business ventures, including a considerable turnaround and management buy-out.

As a dedicated ethical hunter, Arnout Vandevyvere is keen to bring his entrepreneurship to the hunting community with a focus on sustainability, professionalism and reliability.

Heiko Schwartz
Director 'more' | Germany

Born in 1975 he has come soon in the footsteps of his forefathers to take over the since 1872 family-owned Hunting Publishing house Neumann Neudamm. As a hunter he seeks for freedom and adventure. His passion is falconry and the stalking in untouched unspoiled landscapes around the globe.
Heiko is publisher of the exclusive hunting magazine "JAGDZEIT"

Graham Downing
Counsellor | UK

Graham Downing is a lifelong field sportsman. A keen rough-shooter since his early teens, he is both an active game shooter and a passionate wildfowler and deer stalker. Graham hunts waterfowl throughout Britain and manages muntjac, fallow and roe deer in the East of England, travelling to Scotland to stalk red deer on the hill.

A Vice President of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, an officer of the British Shooting Sports Council and Shooting Consultant to the Countryside Alliance, he has been involved with the representation of shooting sports in the UK for nearly 30 years. He writes regularly for The Field, Shooting Times and other shooting magazines, is editor of the British Deer Society’s journal, Deer and has written a number of books on shooting and deer stalking.

Graham is married with three children and lives on his own small farm in Suffolk which he manages for wildlife and conservation.

Juha-Pekka Ripatti
Counsellor | Finland, Norway & Iceland

Juha-Pekka Ripatti (1959) is a 4th generation Finnish hunter. He has extensive professional experience in the hunting industry. He worked for 13 years for the Finnish Hunters’ Central Organisation, the last five years of which as Managing Director and Editor In Chief of the hunting magazine Metsästäjä, published by the organisation.

Juha-Pekka Ripatti is an active contributor to Jahtimailla, the Finnish hunting encyclopedia, and is the author of numerous articles, editorials and communications.

Belén Pinilla Romeo
Counsellor | Spain

Belén had the great fortune to be born in a family of hunters. From a very early age she has had a close and constant relationship with hunting. Good advice from her father and great maestro helped her to learn how to enjoy the countryside and appreciate a good day’s hunting.

She acknowledges that it was hard at first, as her father was always preaching patience, prudence, seriousness, doing things well and at the right time – a hard lesson to learn for such a young girl who was very enthusiastic- but experience has shown her that things indeed turn out when they should, and that all the patience and enthusiasm shown in her learning phase earns its due reward.

Later on, her hobby became her profession, and she enjoyed her years at the head of HUNTERS magazine enormously. It was an unforgettable phase in her personal and professional life which, when the time was right, she left behind to manage an interesting project that, as a hunter, she considered necessary for the hunting sector in Spain: the Oficina Nacional de la Caza (National Hunting Office). She is currently Secretary of the Real Club de Monteros, advisor to the Game Hunting Trophy Homologation Commission of the region of Madrid and regularly appears in specialist media on the hunting sector (magazines, radio and TV).

She is a great defender of authentic hunting in the company of her family and friends. She openly admits that she loves the monteria espagnola – a modality she practises whenever she can – and all the hunting expeditions organised by her husband.

Philippe Jaeger
Counsellor | France

Philippe was born in 1969 and lives in Alsace, France. He wasn’t born into a hunting family, but he grew up in the countryside, where his passion for nature and especially for birding was born. After some very bad experiences with local hunters he initially joined anti-hunting organizations. Fortunately, he later met other more ethical hunters, and finally got his first hunting license in 1995. After a brief engagement at FACE in 1997, where he worked as a lobbyist at the European Parliament, he went into the writing business as a freelance reporter. His first articles were published in Le Saint-Hubert, la Revue Nationale de la Chasse, and Grand Gibier. Currently, Philippe publishes most of his articles in the last two magazines listed. He also works with various magazines from other European countries, and as a translator for the Danish hunting film producer Hunters Video. Regarding hunting: Philippe pursues all kinds of game and types of hunting (excluding driven hunts), with a clear preference for mountain hunting. At home he manages two hunting territories. One of them is a small game territory of about 500 Ha, and the other is a big game territory of about 1100 Ha. He often hunts with his two dogs: Aston (Deutsch Drahthaar) and Oryx (Kleiner Münsterlander).

Frank Brophy
Counsellor | Ireland

Frank Brophy (1944) commenced hunting as an 8-year old. He spent his entire working life in the Dublin newspaper industry and is currently Ireland’s longest serving shooting sports writer.  A competitive rifle target shooter at top level for 25 years, he still competes in rifle and pistol events.  Frank is a former National Chairman of the Irish Deer Society, and a founder member and present Vice-Chairman of the St. Hubert Club of Ireland. A veteran of 25 African Hunting Safaris he is one of Ireland’s most experienced big game hunters and has hunted in the USA and Europe.  In 2004, in Dublin’s High Court and with NARGC backing, Frank successfully challenged the Irish Government’s policy of refusing to issue pistol licences and in June of that year became the first Irish citizen to receive a pistol licence for over 32 years.  In 2008, following a 6 year legal battle he won a second High Court challenge against the State’s refusal to licence a large calibre rifle for use in Africa.  Today he is to the forefront in an ongoing series of NARGC court challenges to Irish Government firearms licensing policy.

Paolo Molinari
Counsellor | Italy

Born in 1967 into a hunting family from the Alps, his passion for hunting brings Paolo Molinari to study Forest Sciences, specialising in zoology (forest ecosystems). Currently he works as a game biologist. As an expert on game management, ungulates and large carnivores, he works as consultant for several organisations, such as currently for the Alpine Convention. He is also member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group. For many years now, he endeavours to contribute to improve and “emancipate” hunting.

Oliver W. Dorn
Counsellor | Germany

Oliver was born in North-West Germany in 1965. Although his family has a hunting tradition, Oliver found the time to pass his German hunting license due to army service, university education (Master degree) and his advertising career relatively late in 2001. Nevertheless, Oliver discovered his hunting passion and rented with his wife Ilka (who is also a passionate hunter) hunting grounds for small and big game – from pheasant to wild boar. In 2011, Ilka and Oliver founded the German high class hunting and shooting magazine HALALI. Oliver is father of two boys, lives on the countryside with his family and several hunting dogs. He loves hunting and shooting with friends, game cooking and red wine.

Jan Urban
Counsellor | Czech Republic & Slovakia

Jan was born and raised in the former Czechoslovakia and comes from a bi-lingual family. His educational path started in Hungarian school, then went on to study in Slovakian school. In 1997 moved to England were he completed his university business degree in accountancy.   The majority of his work history has been in Estate management, managing from luxurious country estates to large office buildings for individual and private funds both in The United Kingdom and Czech Republic.

His love for bird hunting and bird dogs began at an early age. He honed his hunting and bird dog training skills as a young boy while spending all his spare time with his Granddad in the field.

Jan started Shooting Enterprise Ltd because he was constantly being asked to report on hunting and wing shooting from Czech and Slovakia. Experiencing fine British hunting and shooting events, Jan has decided to combine his knowledge from the British guns to “bring seven hundred years of hunting traditions to the guns from all over the world”.

Jan was formerly a semi professional football player. He is constantly in lookout for new challenges and nowadays he enters several triathlon competitions.

Jan lives in Prague with his girfriend and best friend Zuzana. They have a wonderful  Weimaraner hunting  dog called Milo.

And, last but not least, Jan speaks fluently four languages.

Sten Christoffersson
Counsellor | Sweden

Originally a biologist by profession and education Sten for the last few decades has been a free lancing hunting journalist, author and wildlife/hunting photographer. He mainly works for Svensk Jakt, the largest hunting magazine in Sweden, but also for magazines in the other Scandinavian countries, the Continent and the USA.

Sten has written several books on hunting in Scandinavia, gun dog training and even a game cooking book. Some of these are translated into Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and one into German. He has recently finished a new textbook for the compulsory Swedish hunter's education, commissioned from him by Svenska Jägareförbundet (The Swedish Hunters' Association).

He has hunted since young age, mostly in Sweden and other European countries, but also in Africa and USA. Sten is a dedicated rough shooter who loves to hunt small game with his own dogs, mostly spaniels. Pigeon shooting, wildfowling, stalking and driven wild boar are other favourites. He often says that he hunts as happily with the camera as with a gun or a rifle and he appreciates a good picture even more than a fine trophy.

Poul Hartmann
Counsellor | Denmark

Born in1944 Poul Hartmann has been a hunter ever since he could walk. Educated forest engineer, and afterwards employed at the National Environmental Research Institute Department of Wildlife Ecology and Biodiversity Kalo. His primary research areas were: 1: Cripling of game. 2: Shotgun ammunition and alternatives to lead shot. 3: Safety during hunting, with both shotgun and rifle. 4: One of the masterminds behind three educational DVDs about hunting with rifle and shotgun. The DVD ´s were distributed to all Danish hunters. Author of numerous articles on the use of shotgun and rifle for hunting, and an expert on the functioning of various ammunition types. Beyond these areas of work, he has worked scientifically with: hares, deer, doves and ducks. Expert advisor for the Consumer Agency on weapon disputes and has participated in a number of TV pogrammes and DVDs about hunting.

Gudfinnur Kristjansson
Counsellor | Hungary

Gudfinnur was born in 1960. As soon as he reached the minimum age (20) for a gun and hunting license in Iceland, these were the first things on his agenda for the year 1980.  For the following 18 years Gudfinnur actively hunted the main game in Iceland, birds.

In 1998 Gudfinnur, while travelling in Hungary on business, was invited by a Hungarian colleague to come with him hunting and that year Gudfinnur shot his first large game in Hungary (roe buck).  Since then he has not looked back, moving to Hungary in 2001 and living and hunting there ever since.  Over time Gudfinnur has hunted in over 12 countries all over the world, mostly going after big game but never losing his interest in wing shooting as well.

While Gudfinnurs’ chosen profession (self employed software and banking systems development and consulting), may not directly correlate with hunting, it definitely has given him plenty of opportunity for hunting which he has made sure to make the most of.  Since 2003 Gudfinnur has been a member of a local hunting club in northern Hungary actively enjoying the bounty of game available there as well as widely around other parts of Hungary and the rest of the world.

While not from a family of traditional hunters (the only big game in Iceland are Reindeer and hunting those only became available to others than local land owners in 2003), Gudfinnur has absorbed and embraced the rich tradition and love of hunting found in Hungary and many, many other parts of the world.

Bernhard Hluszik
Counsellor | Austria

Bernhard was born in 1969. Very early - already at the age of 6 - his grandfather familiarised him with hunting. After a few years of abstinence, he started hunting again with strong Passion. Bernhard loves nature and hunting, both at home in Austria as well as worldwide. Together with his partner, he is managing WH Waffen GmbH, a hunting, firearms and outdoor store, as well as WH Hunting & Safaris, a hunting agency. As President of the SCI Central Austrian Chapter, he is actively involved in the daily promotion and PR of hunting worldwide.