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John Sika Fenton - Ireland

Commercial PartnerCommercial Partner

Welcome to the finest hunting Ireland can offer with John Sika Fenton, a professional deer manager and one of the best sika guides in Ireland as well as a master of the art of Pigeon shooting and decoying for over 22 years

Sika hunting

John manages the Sika population on several estates in County Wicklow covering over 20,000 acres. His aim is to conserve a fit and healthy population of Sika deer and balance that with producing top quality trophies and hunting trips for clients each year. This successful deer management policy has been in place for over 20 years, covering diverse grounds and open mountain moorland. 

John welcomes all levels of hunting including novices to the sport, he is more than willing to offer and provide all the guidance that you may require during hunting. He or one of his guides will accompany you on your outings to provide one to one expert advice to ensure that you gain as much as possible during your stay. Hunting with John can be tailored to the client’s needs. He is able to offer a minimum of one day hunt, to a weeks visit with an agreed number of stalking outings to suit the guests preference and budget.

John main aim is to offer the best, affordable Sika deerstalking for his clients with the additional benefit of good quality affordable accommodation. He aims to provide his guests with a memorable and enjoyable experience, allowing them to hunt with some of the best and most experienced Sika guides in Ireland. Expect to see the highest amount of Sika deer that you could ever possibly expect to experience anywhere in the world and hunt the most exciting of all the deer species ‘ the Sika’ in the most scenic area of Ireland.

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Pigeon shooting

We have a tremendous variety of crops to shoot over throughout the year.

The Woodpigeon is a challenging and wary sporting quarry. When conditions are right, the Woodpigeon can offer an extremely demanding day's sport. We prefer to have small hunting groups of up to five people per group. The small group size will allow the guides the time to make sure that each hunter’s needs are catered for and well looked after.

Bag numbers: Your field craft and marksmanship will determine the bag number of pigeons shot in a days hunting. We would say that 50 birds per day is average but it is very possible to shoot 100 birds in any given day with the right conditions and the hunters shooting consistently well.

Best time to Hunt pigeon: We can break the year up into two periods for the best pigeon shooting, summer from early July to the end of August, when the birds are in huge numbers on the grain crop. In winter the pigeons will feed in large flocks on the lush foliage of oilseed rape from late December right through to the end of March (One hundred bird days are quite common at this time).

Read the full details about pigeon shooting here

Contact details


Newtown Donard
Tel: +353 87 98 57 747

John Fenton




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