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Sladkovo - Russia

Commercial PartnerCommercial Partner

Hunting area of 110 000 ha, that offers unique summer/winter hunting opportunities in comfort of 5 star hotel in the middle of Siberia.

Stalking Siberia Roe Deer and huge wild boars, marals and birdshooting.

Make yourself feel like at home at our luxurious hunting lodge.

Hunting ground Sladkovo is located on the south-east of Tyumen region, in the steppe zone. In the east it borders - with the Omsk region, in the south - with Kazakhstan.

Hunting area is more than 110 000 hectares. Geography area, located hundreds of miles from large cities, has contributed to the fact that there are still preserved wildlife. This is an ideal environment for breeding and hunting.

Hunting ground Sladkovo offers various kinds of seasonal hunting: Siberian roe deer, wild boar, waterfowl and wading birds, etc.

It is possible, both individual and group hunting. The high number of wild animals, hunting and feedlots towers and hunting lodge with all modern conveniences create all conditions for successful hunting and recreation.

Hunting Period

Siberia Roe Deer from May to October, trophy quality from 700 to 1000 gr., the record so far is 1300 gr.

Wild boars from May to February, trophy quality from 20 to 25 cm.

Marals from September to February, trophy quality up to 10 kg.

Bird shooting May, end of August – November

Contact details

Nikolskaya street 10
109012 Moscow
Tel: +7 960 988 83 15

Pavel Yurasov




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